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VIDEO: LeBron James Refutes Popular Assumption Towards Recent Tweets

Everything that LeBron James does really gets dissected in more ways than one, as if he is intentionally dropping breadcrumbs for everyone to interpret.

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His recent tweets are another examples of those as the internet went on full deciphering mode after they came out.

In his recent article, Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal shared James’ reaction to all the attention that his tweet had gathered. And It was nothing but short.

James offered a terse “no” when asked if he wanted to explain the tweet and offered only that it wasn’t aimed at a teammate or anyone else within the Cavs organization.

One can only imagine how it’s like being LeBron James as he maintains his being mindful of his every move. It’s easy to get baited into believing that the tweet had a subliminal message to any of his teammates, but the man has a lot going on for him.

Outside of the Cleveland Cavaliers, James also has his personal dealings, like you and me, his business affairs, and other aspects of his life that the public is not aware about. So let’s all cut him some slack here and just be glad that this Twitter mini-episode is over and done with.

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