The space beyond the three point arc has been J.R. Smith’s playground for many years. Whether it’s taking shots from the parking lot or hoisting fadeaway jumpers from long distance, the higher the degree of difficulty is, the more comfortable Smith becomes.

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The shots that he takes may appear as headscratchers to most, but for the Cleveland Cavaliers, they are what they are. It is part of the complete package that is Earl Joseph Smith III, and the Cavs have been reaping the benefits thus far.

In a recent article by Joe Vardon for, LeBron James added some emphasis on the amount of freedom that his Smith enjoys.

J.R., he’s the only one on the team that has the ultra-green light. It’s like fluorescent. Coach says, ‘Hey, J.R., shoot! Shoot, shoot it, shoot it, shoot it.’.

If there’s something that the mercurial shooting guard will not be lacking for his entire life, it is his confidence.

Guys are always looking at me like, ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?’ This is my shot. Regardless of how funny it may look to you, I feel as if I can make it and when I get that opportunity, I’m going to shoot it and I’m going to make it.

In the Cavs’ record setting first half during Game 2 against the Hawks, Smith’s shooting prowess was in full display. Long three balls. Fadeaway with a hand in his face. Name it, he nailed it.

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Smith knows that it won’t be like that every night. But that’s not going to stop him from taking those long heaves. Don’t ever change, J.R. When in doubt, just shoot it.