Amid all the attention focused on the heated battles between teams in the NBA playoffs, one thing remains a constant in the lives of each player that everyone idolizes — their mothers.

Kyrie Irving has his Elizabeth, looking all the way from up above. Kevin Love has his Karen. LeBron James has his Gloria.

As such, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar took time to express his most heartfelt tribute to all the supermoms out there in video message for Uninterrupted.

“I wanna give all the beautiful moms in the world a Happy Mother’s Day.”

“Happy Mother’s Day to the all the beautiful, powerful, strong, dedicated … I can name so many words for moms in this world, you guys sacrifice everything, all your love, all your time, all your devotion to the men and the women that grow up every day, so thank you. I’m proud to be a son of a beautiful mom. I’m proud to be a husband of beautiful wife that’s a mom.”

A truly special day indeed. So make sure that every mom, or anyone who performs the role of a mother for that matter, get recognized in a special way today. We’re nothing without them.