In what has been a dream year so far for LeBron James, he suddenly sees himself in an unfamiliar territory being outside of the top 10 in a very prestigious ranking.

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No need to worry though as this isn’t about his basketball skills. But it is interesting to know that Taylor Swift is head and shoulders above the 6’8” manbeast that is James in this list.

Just recently, Forbes released their list of the top earning celebrities of 2016 where the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar sat at the 11th spot with a total income of $77 million dollars. Ahead of James were soccer stars Lionel Messi at number eight and Cristiano Ronaldo at number four.

But the one that ruled them all was recording star Taylor Swift who earned a whopping $170 million.

LeBron James, as everyone knows, is more than just a basketball player. He is also a businessman. He owns a media company and also has investments in a popular food chain as well as a soccer club in England.

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As for his endorsements, big name brands such as Samsung, Beats Electronics, Coca-Cola, and KIA leads the pack, but the granddaddy of all professional sports deals is his lifetime contract with Nike which was earlier rumored to be worth over one billion dollars.

So, life is good for LeBron James.