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Video: LeBron James’ sons post message to dad for Fathers Day

lebron james

Father’s Day is reserved for dear ol’ dad. For fathers, they now realize that it isn’t just about them anymore, as they say. However difficult it may be, being a father is a great responsibility, but also a great gift.

Some families celebrate Father’s Day with a cookout, while others catch a ball game or simply bake a cake. Hey, maybe some had all three. If so, good for them. In LeBron James‘ case, Father’s Day weekend was spent in tandem with his son’s birthday (LeBron James Jr.).

After a rowdy weekend of water balloon fights and backyard games, James’ two sons, Bryce and LeBron Jr., posted a special message for their dad on Uninterrupted.

As seen and heard from the video, James Jr. couldn’t resist calling out his dad’s Call of Duty skills, saying:

“You’re the best player in the NBA, but you will never beat me in Call of Duty.”

Bryce, James’ youngest son, chimed in with a message of his own, simply saying:

“Happy Fathers Day, dad. I love you. You’re the best dad in the world.”

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