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LeBron James and Maverick Carter create new show called "Kneading Dough"

LeBron James

LeBron James and Maverick Carter of the Uninterrupted network have teamed up to create a new show centered around the financial struggles that young athletes face when they turn professional. The show, called “Kneading Dough,” highlights various stories and challenges, told by former athletes themselves, with Carter serving as host.

“Kneading Dough” launched on Thursday, with Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green as its first guest.

According to Forbes.com:

“The two-time NBA All-Star discusses the competition within the Warriors locker room to land investments in hot startups, as well as his aspiration to be a billionaire.”

Green said:

“I don’t have an exact number, but I just want to be a billionaire first and that’s my goal. I want to do that by the time I’m 40.”

Carter, James’ long-time friend and CEO of Uninterrupted, gives viewers of “Kneading Dough” an inside look at the inner workings of the sports world. Carter tells Forbes that he always challenges his team to create unique content.

“Can ESPN do this?,” Carter said. “And if they can, then we shouldn’t be doing it.”

Chase Bank will be the presenting partner of “Kneading Dough”. Lois Backon, Head of Corporate Partner Marketing for JPMorgan Chase, discussed the new show.

“Discussing finances can be difficult, and we think Kneading Dough has the chance to help normalize that conversation by allowing people to see some of the world’s highest profile athletes open up about their personal finances in an honest and authentic way,” Backon said.

The title of the “Kneading Dough” is derived from Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents 3”, which plays during the opening of the show. Episodes will be available on the Uninterrupted and Chase websites. Carter tells Forbes that James and Serena Williams will be future guests, as well as an NFL rookie and a WNBA player who works a second job. Carter tells Forbes that he would also like to have David Ortiz on the show to talk about the transition from athlete to post-athlete careers.

Professional sports are full of sad stories about athletes squandering their money away. Maybe this new show can help shed light on some of the problems these young professionals face.

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