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LeBron James Likes The Fight In Channing Frye

The Cleveland Cavaliers cap off their West Coast trip with a loss to the rough and tough Utah Jazz, 94-85. The Jazz may be a young team but they aren’t short on defensive grit as the Cavs’ Top 10 offense was limited to less than 90 points on this occasion.

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The physicality was at its peak when Channing Frye got into an altercation with Jazz rookie Trey Lyles after the four-minute mark of the final quarter. The tussle involved an elbow, two headbutts, a missed punch, a flagrant and technical foul, and a couple of ejections between the two frontliners.

In Dave McMenamin’s recent article for ESPN, LeBron James revealed his thoughts on the incident involving his teammate.

I loved it. First of all, his first T, I didn’t think it was warranted. I told the ref that. I mean, this guy, he probably has a handful of T’s in his whole career, just voiced his opinion. Just said it was a goaltend, didn’t disrespect the ref at all, so that allowed him to get kicked out after that first T.

But he’s a vet, he’s not going to let [that happen], and not against Trey, but anybody. It’s nothing personal against Trey; it’s the game and being able to stick up for himself. But I love that side.

Frye was acquired by Cleveland to bring in more floor spacing with his length and shooting, but this recent display of attitude seems to be another welcome ingredient to the team. The need for an enforcer was already emphasized by the team and although Frye isn’t one to become Kendrick Perkins-like, it is good to know that he will not back down from physical encounters.

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Hopefully, this show of attitude rubs off on the rest of the Cavaliers as they try to bolster their identity as a unit in time for the postseason wars.

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