Life must be good when you’re the son of royalty. In the case of LeBron James Jr., basketball royalty. While he may be living the life, he also faces a unique dilemma as he tries to make a name for himself this early in the game where his father has become a global icon.

In his recent Sports Illustrated spread, the elder LeBron James talked about how his first born handles the intricacies of his social status.

He doesn’t want people to know who he is; he hates when they ask him for pictures and autographs. He won’t even wear my number.

Based on the highlight reels that have been making the rounds in social media, it’s not easy to not notice this kid’s talent and gush about his potential.

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All in all, it’s nice to hear that LeBron James Jr. doesn’t want a free ride. But he’s sure to have a very difficult time in trying to avoid instant attention, in large part, due to his name.