During the NBA season, there were signs that LeBron James and Kevin Love’s relationship was not progressing or improving as a teammate to teammate relationship should. There were cryptic tweets, quotes about who the MVP should be, and more related to those topics. Many assumed that this was a turning point for the worse in the Cavs season and rumors started flying about Love wanting to go play in Los Angeles or Boston.

If there’s any doubt that Love and James’ relationship is only getting better, the two had a poolside meeting at the start of free agency. It wasn’t just any poolside meeting, however, as LeBron decided to stop by L.A. on the way to his vacation to visit Love, who was taking some time in the sun there. The two talked about Love’s free agency decision, he Cavs’ position with him, and how they can use Love better next season. Love cited those moments by the pool as the final confirmation of his wanting to stay in Cleveland.

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Earlier this week, Love was reportedly house shopping, and James joined along the way to help Love out. After all, James should know these streets inside and out, right?

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This is only the start of the pair’s growing relationship. Stay tuned to see what house Love decides to buy.