The Dallas Mavericks trooped to the the Quicken Loans Arena in hopes of solidifying their grasp of the final playoff spot out West. On the other side, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were tasked to carry the Cleveland Cavaliers on a night when LeBron James was forced to sit out as part of the team’s strategy of keeping its players` fresh for the playoffs.

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The Cavaliers started the game looking very sharp only to see their lead get slowly trimmed as the game went on. The win brought out more questions than answers and, yet again, the team mettle was put to doubt.

Despite all these LeBron James admitted, as reported by Chris Haynes in his article for, to being pleased with what he saw from his teammates.

“I think they played great. I think we had ups and downs throughout the game, obviously at the end of the game, we had more ups and that helped. But for the most part, they followed the game plan and they played great.”

A lot of people were not as happy as James, especially after seeing Kyrie Irving, the point guard, register a single assist for the entire game. Forget about the high scoring output. Forget about the game-winning steal, which was later revealed to be a foul. The fact that Irving failed to involve his teammates was a red flag which could have adverse effects going forward.

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But the Cavs’ leader does not echo the public’s sentiments towards the Dallas game. Maybe he sees something that everyone is unaware of. And that is not surprising at all.