LeBron James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers must be in absolute shock after news broke out that Kyrie Irving wants out of the only team he’s played for since entering the NBA in 2011.

Not even a potential fourth straight Finals appearance seemed enough to make Irving want to remain with the Cavs, as, based on reports, his intent to come out of James’ shadow bear more weight than anything.

As with every drama involving the Cavaliers’ top dog, the littlest of actions tend to get blown out of proportion. Just recently, his Instagram story, which featured a Meek Mill track titled ‘Heavy Heart’, caught everyone’s attention as it appeared to be an indirect shot at Kyrie Irving.

The most telling part of the song can be easily interpreted as a loaded jab. Here are some lyrics:

N—– ain’t thorough like I always thought,
D—, the game left me with a heavy heart (heavy heart),
The streets left me with a heavy heart (heavy heart),
N—– said they with you when they really not (really not),
N—– plot on everything you got (everything you got).

Whatever this means, there’s no denying that The King has some serious matters in The Land that demand pressing attention.