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LeBron James' Instagram account is a listening party


There is no doubt, LeBron James has established himself as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. However, “The King,” as James is justly known, is also involved in several off-the-court activities, including his various charitable acts through The LeBron James Family Foundation and the production of a new television game show called “The Wall.”

James, a three-time NBA champion and 13-time All-Star, is close with several members of the music industry as well. In fact, his Instagram account has become a platform for sneak-peeks at new music. Due to his popularity among rap and hip-hop artists, James seems to always have the latest unreleased tracks before anyone else. James gets a copy of an album, then shows his appreciation by posting it to his social media accounts. That kind of free publicity sounds like a good trade for any rapper or producer.

Having James debut your music on his personal Instagram account is a great honor, as he currently has 30 million followers on the photo-sharing app. Often times, James can be seen nodding his head or pumping a fist to the beat of Drake, Future, Meek Mill, or Kendrick Lamar (to name a few). If he likes your song a lot, James might even rap a few bits of it.

According to RollingStone.com, one tweet from James is worth somewhere around $165,000. What about Instagram, you ask? Well, his posts there are worth over six figures as well. So, getting your music into his hands could certainly be a valuable promotional tool.

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