One of the best shooters in the history of the game, Reggie Miller has compiled a number of great moments that are still vividly recalled by a particular generation of NBA fans to date.

The one that tops it all is perhaps his eight-points-in-nine-seconds barrage in New York which captured a huge amount of attention, and started a colorful rivalry with one of the more famous Knicks fan in director Spike Lee.

According to Joe Vardon of the Northeast Ohio Media Group, LeBron James was asked if he has a favorite moment of Miller, and James’ answer was short and nothing more than that.

Uh, no.

Over the summer, Reggie Miller joined the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ to talk about the NBA. When Miller was asked if he would take LeBron James first in his hypothetical NBA Draft, Miller sided with another legendary small forward.

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“I gotta go with Larry Joe (Bird’s middle name is Joe),” Miller said. “In today’s rules, you can’t touch him!”

Nah, I have no problem with Reggie.

These two will remain together in conversations over the next few days as LeBron James is expected to surpass Reggie Miller in the career scoring list when the Cavaliers visit the Toronto Raptors for their next game.

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Miller is only five points ahead of James and it’s now a cinch that the Cavs superstar will leave the game in Toronto as the 18th leading scorer in NBA history.