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LeBron James Has A Message For Everyone Who Wears His Shoes Against Him

LeBron James has become one of the greatest shoe powers in the NBA. He’s got some of the more unusual and abstract designs, but a lot of players in the NBA wear his shoes nowadays.

But LeBron has a message to any players who aren’t good friends of his that think they should wear shoes against him and get the casual LeBron.

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“When I was a kid and I used to see guys wear MJ’s shoes when they played against MJ I’m like, ‘Oh MJ got a little mental edge over those guys.'”

“If you just a guy that’s just like, you actually just go to Foot Locker or somewhere,” LeBron continues, “you just get a pair of ‘Brons and you want to wear ’em on a Tuesday night vs. me? I’ma bust your ass. Straight up.”

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You can see what else LeBron had to say at the six minute mark of the video below.

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