LeBron James has become one of the greatest shoe powers in the NBA. He’s got some of the more unusual and abstract designs, but a lot of players in the NBA wear his shoes nowadays.

But LeBron has a message to any players who aren’t good friends of his that think they should wear shoes against him and get the casual LeBron.

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“When I was a kid and I used to see guys wear MJ’s shoes when they played against MJ I’m like, ‘Oh MJ got a little mental edge over those guys.'”

“If you just a guy that’s just like, you actually just go to Foot Locker or somewhere,” LeBron continues, “you just get a pair of ‘Brons and you want to wear ’em on a Tuesday night vs. me? I’ma bust your ass. Straight up.”

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You can see what else LeBron had to say at the six minute mark of the video below.