“Never before have I had middle-aged women, or older women, or people of color, approach me in these numbers.”

The phrase “LeBron James” can take over any conversation, drive away any doubt of greatness, bring profits to any business and even make any organization a philanthropic one. James’ influence serves communities around the world, but lifts no city higher than his home in Northeast Ohio. On Wednesday, one of the King’s branches of charity will be recognized for their charismatic and caring contributions to Akron.

The LeBron James Grandmothers’ Fan Club will star on CBS reporter Maurice “Mo” Rocca’s “My Grandmother’s Ravioli” TV show tonight on the Cooking Channel at eight p.m. If you’re looking for a new recipe, you can tune in to witness a menu of classics:

– Cornbread salad
– Lemon meringue pie
– Beer-battered chitterlings



While none of the 200 grandmothers in the club are actually related to James, they all admire the young man’s journey as Rocca reports:

“The ladies, like all of Akron, took great pride in LeBron’s story — raised by a single mother, finding his talent and becoming a bona fide superstar before he left high school.”

The lovely ladies were also extremely helpful, carrying out LeBron’s mission of unconditional love and showing the youngsters some moves in the kitchen:

“I’m constantly seeking their approval and I think that immediately creates a connection with grandparents. I’m always drawn to projects where I get to learn on camera.” – Mo Rocca

With a Broadway production and an appearance on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” the comic actor will present Akron’s hardworking grandmothers with the respect they deserve as well shine a welcomed light on Northeast Ohio.