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LeBron James finally talks about the impact of Dan Gilbert’s infamous letter

LeBron James Dan Gilbert

LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert have been in good terms ever since James made his return to Ohio and brought a major sports title to the Cleveland franchise and the entire state for the first time ever.

However, many NBA fans could never forget the scornful letter that Gilbert wrote to James (in Comic Sans font, nonetheless) following LeBron’s “decision” to take his talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat back in 2010.

In the video titled “The Shop” from Uninterrupted.com, James finally opened up about that very moment in his life and what his family’s reaction was to the letter. While his mom, wife and kids would not have forgiven Gilbert for pulling off something so callous, it was clear that James had bigger and better goals in mind.

… all these kids, all these people that need inspiration, need a way to get out. And I believe I’m that way out.

An Ohio native, James is aware that it’s his leadership on and off the court that made him such a respected talent among Ohioans. After letting bygones be bygones with Gilbert, it’s clear that James’ second big decision to return to his one true home has reaped bountiful rewards not just for the Cavaliers, but for every citizen in the Buckeye State.

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