Last month, LeBron James and his Family Foundation announced a partnership with the University of Akron that said it would send over 1,100 kids in his program to college if they met attendance and grade requirements. James knows the importance of getting an education, as he has previously stated that he would have gone had he not been exposed to the opportunity that was the NBA. On Thursday, LeBron James expanded his reach to the adults of his program.

James announced that, under his new partnership with Project Learn of Summit County, which currently helps adults get their GEDs, the parents of the James’ Family Foundation children will be able to get financial and emotional support to obtain high school level education.

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Joe Vardon of reports on the program:

“The new program for adults is called “I PROMISE, Too” and so far counts nine adults—who will be taught by instructors from Project Learn. Again, only parents or guardians of children in James’ mentorship program are eligible.

In the new program, enrollees received an inspirational letter from the Cavaliers superstar basketball player, HP laptop computers that they can keep if they finish the classes, and free bus passes and parking to attend class.

Participants will also have covered the $6 cost to take the GED practice test and $120 cost for taking the entire, official GED exam. The foundation will also provide prizes for good attendance, work progress, and other achievements.”

Unlike many stars, LeBron James is really starting to leave a lasting impact on his city’s youth and adults. Nothing on this level has ever been heard of my a current NBA star, not even from Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Jordan is instead targeting something else completely, which we’ll get to tomorrow morning.

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Michele Campbell, executive director of the LeBron James Family Foundation, spoke about the partnership in a news release:

“We are so excited about the I PROMISE, Too program because a huge part of our foundation’s work (with children) centers around parent involvement. This is an opportunity to help our parents make strides in their own academic careers so they are better equipped to help our students keep their educational promises. “We can’t reach our students without their parents’ support, so this program is monumental for our families and their futures.”

With the help of this Akron native, not only children, but entire families are getting a chance to learn, both at the high school level and college level. Needless to say, James’ impact on the community will really be felt for years to come. And something tells me this is only the start of something great.