Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

We hear so much about LeBron James’ ability to play basketball and the legacy he has left and will leave behind. Many people know what a great talent he is and he will go down in history as one of the best players to every play the game. However, James does much more than just play the game of basketball, he also plays an important role off the court.

There is first the LeBron James Family Foundation. This foundation’s mission is to positively affect the lives of children and young adults. The foundation focuses on education and co-curricular education initiatives. They use the mottos of living active and a heathy lifestyle to help develop these children and young adults.

The LeBron James Family Foundation also has an initiative called Wheels for Education. This is a commitment; LeBron and his Foundation select a group of third grade students to be part of Wheels for Education. These students begin each year with a two-week long technology camp, which is offered by Akron After School. Students are given incentives and encouragement to do more and continue their journey to graduating.

The I Promise Network is a commitment to follow the children that took part in Wheels for Education and follow them until they get to middle school. The website actually has a counter on it that counts down until the class of a certain year graduates to middle school.

{adinserter 2} Additionally the LAB or LeBron Advisory Board is a way to give the Wheels for Education kids a dynamic experience going through the program. There are multiple boards that are given their own task based on the member’s strengths and connections. The LAB Elementary board focuses on Wheels for Educations; the LAB Secondary board focuses on the Akron I Promise Network, and the LAB Community board focuses on the overall direction of all programs.

We also know that James is a key contributor with his alma mater, St. Vincent – St. Mary High School. He has a full section for the school on his webpage with news and events that are going on. James also gives back to the Boys and Girls Club of America as often as he can. They converted the old Joy Park Community Center to a full-features clubhouse. The LeBron James clubhouse services 40-60 kids every day. They are monitored by a trained and devoted staff and are fed healthy snacks. LeBron James often visits and plays some basketball with the children.

LeBron James has done some impressive things with his career since entering the league. The things he is doing off the court though are equally as admirable and amazing. It is always good to see a person under so much spotlight use his stardom to give back to the community. James has done just that. You can read more about these programs and other items that LeBron James is involved with on his website.