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LeBron James clarifies that he wasn't imitating Lonzo Ball's jump shot

LeBron James, Lonzo Ball

LeBron James caught everyone’s eye when he was caught during warm-ups attempting shots in a peculiar manner.

The video below will remind you of the moment LeBron was playing around with a shot that seemed to resemble future lottery pick Lonzo Ball.

This was initially thought by most to be LeBron trolling Ball, but apparently that was not the case.

Lonzo isn't sweating LeBron's jokes.

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LeBron ends the comment with a nice tip of the hat to Ball, whose game LeBron clearly respects.

Ball has been in headlines more than a player in his position typically is because of his out-spoken father, LaVar, promoting the Ball brand. It’s caught the sports world and ESPN by storm so it wasn’t ridiculous for someone to think that’s what LeBron was doing during this warm-up.

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