When LeBron James started the conversation on his next big, and ambitious, goal of chasing a certain ghost that played in Chicago, a forest of eyebrows were raised.

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The first thing that came to many people’s mind is the ring count. Michael Jordan has six. LeBron James, at 31-years-old, has three. Based on those facts alone, it can be said that the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar has the numbers going slightly in his favor.

However, all things being considered, the task of winning four more titles is very daunting. The good thing for James is that he isn’t actually looking to win more championships than Michael Jordan, or at least that wasn’t what he was referring to when he made his previous “ghost” statement.

In an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, LeBron James elaborated on how he plans to surpass Jordan.

“No, I’m chasing that greatness, how great that ghost was. It’s the same as anybody setting out goals and trying to reach it. That’s just my personal goal. Everyone automatically (said) ‘Oh, he’s talking down on MJ. He’s trying to be better than MJ.'”

“I want to maximize what I can do, and if I can be in a situation where I’m even talked about as the best basketball [player] ever, that’ll be great.”

In order to achieve his goal, emulating Jordan by the numbers is the wrong way to go. James needs to tread a unique path. It’s also possible that, even to him, the blueprint still remains a mystery.

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When he finally realizes how he’s going to do it, expect a different a different kind of LeBron James.