Team USA started workouts during its mini-camp yesterday, and players like Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have been excelling in them. One player, however, as been taking them a little too seriously.

Russell Westbrook is known for his serious and tenacious attitude on the basketball court. Apparently, he is taking these workouts a little too serious. In the first video, Westbrook goes at assistant coach Monty Williams during a catch, face-up, and shoot drill.

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“It’s a non-contact camp,” Williams said. “A non-contact camp.”

“I don’t wanna hear that shit,” Westbrook responded.

“You know last week I wasn’t playing you like this,” Williams said

In this second video below, Westbrook goes hard against Monty Williams again, and his intensity during a simple workout makes LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony burst out in laughter.

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Team USA will host a scrimmage game tonight at 10PM PST.