LeBron James found himself on a fast-break against the Warriors last night, before smashing into Draymond Green causing him to go crashing onto the Oracle Arena hardwood. Green picked up a flagrant foul for his shoulder check to James’ chest and chin, but James is not fazed by the physical play of the Warriors.

The collision caused Cavs veteran Richard Jefferson to confront Green about his unnecessary forceful play, and the incident adds to the fuel of this growing rivalry between the two outfits who don’t like each other very much.

When asked about the foul after the game, James brushed it off in typical fashion, as he loves and endures the physical side of the game on a nightly basis.

“His shoulder hit me in the face. It happened so fast I didn’t know who it was. I’m OK, I’m a football player,”

James told Carl Steward of the San Jose Mercury News via The Score.

This isn’t the first time James and Green have had a coming together, and last year’s NBA finals saw Green suspended after he hit James in his privates in game four.

We all know what happened after that, Klay Thompson said James got his feelings hurt and the king went on a rampage to lift the Cavaliers to the NBA championship in historic fashion.

The Cavs and Warriors have now split the season series one apiece, but it’s very likely this isn’t the last time we’ll see James and Green square up, as both teams are on a collision course to meet in a third straight appearance in the NBA finals come June.