Despite LeBron James sitting out the Cavaliers recent visit to Memphis, the four-time MVP is in the best shape he’s been in since returning home.

After coming off a performance in which he dropped 27 points, eight assists and eight rebounds in 37 minutes against the Miami Heat, many thought James would rest the next day as the Cavs had a back-to-back against the Grizzlies, but it wasn’t the case. James didn’t just suit up, but he dropped a season high 44 points, had 10 assists, pulled down nine rebounds and registered three steals in 42 minutes of action. It was an extraordinary performance, as James looked as fresh as ever.

Playing at a level rarely attainable by the average NBA player, James has undergone 13 strenuous seasons in the NBA, and is yet to show any signs of slowing down. When many would struggle to get on the floor on a back-to-back, the king is flourishing in his revamped body.

The extraordinary rejuvenation of James’ body was also on display when the Cavs rolled into Madison Square Garden and took down the Knicks. James was matched up with good friend and long-time rival Carmelo Anthony, and despite both entering the league at the same time, Melo’s Knicks were on a back-to-back and James’ olympic teammate definitely looked like a guy in his 14th season playing in consecutive nights. He was held to just eight points on nine shots by James, and watched the kid from Akron go coast to coast on rim attacks, dominating the Knicks with an abundance of energy.

These signs outline the supreme shape James is in. After some concerns surfaced with his back that forced him into getting the same shots that ended Larry Bird’s career prematurely, James’ body has responded brilliantly, and along with a new routine and diet, his body is in the best shape it has in years.

Before the hit out with the Hornets, youthful point guard Kyrie Irving stated he didn’t have his legs under him, but James was more than willing to pick up the slack. Note Irving is just 24 whilst James is approaching his 32nd birthday, but it didn’t stop the king from dominating the contest.

After the 44-point performance, James answered questions about how he feels via Jason Lloyd of the Beacon Journal.

“The last couple years this is the best I’ve felt,” James said. “And I told you guys I’ve put a lot of work into my body, into my craft. I’ve rearranged a little bit with my diet, and it’s worked to my benefit. And for me to have back-to-back nights like this after coming off a long road trip, just shows that everything is working in the right direction.”

On a night where James became the only player in NBA history with 27 thousand points, seven thousand rebounds and seven thousand assists, he also gave an indication that he has no plans on slowing down, as he’s in a great groove right now.

“It’s always a rhythm thing for me. I’m just in a really good rhythm right now. My body feels great. My stroke feels pretty dang-on good as well. I just gotta continue to put the work in.”

It’s extraordinary that James continues to play at this incredible level whilst logging so many minutes and feeling just as good as he in his late 20s. This is a brilliant sign for Cavalier fans, because as long as James is on the floor they have a chance to retain their title.

The king is showing no signs of slowing down, and it’s a scary prospect for the rest of the league knowing James will likely be fresh come playoff time in the attempts to defend his crown.