Even as a young 16-year old from Akron, LeBron James already displayed composure quite ahead of his age and also a knack for handling interviews well. It helped that James was already a big star in Ohio back then so he understood that everyone’s eyes were trained on him.

In a 2001 interview for an Ohio television station, LeBron James sat down and talked about his then-present and future as a basketball player. World Star Hip Hop was able to acquire the video of that interview up for posterity.

The most interesting part of this one-on-one was obviously when he talked about his future in the NBA. It was evident that he acknowledged his limitations and, eerily enough, it now seem to everyone that he had this planned all along in some master blueprint that he keeps at the back of his head.

He wanted to get to the NBA. Easy for him.

He wanted to get stronger. Now, he’s one of the most physically imposing players in the league.

He wanted to improve his defense. He’s now become a part of six different All Defensive Teams.

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He wanted to improve his shooting. At one point, he finished a season shooting 40% from long distance.

He wanted to become the best. Now, LeBron is well on his way towards that goal.