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LeBron James abuses Terry Rozier with tomahawk off post move

LeBron Rozier Dunk

LeBron James was back to his merciless self during Game 5 at the TD Garden, making the most of his mismatch on the high post with Boston Celtics point guard Terry Rozier and getting as high a field goal percentage shot as he can get, stuffing it home off the drop step with no regard for human life.

For those questioning his health due to the alleged “bug” that was going around the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ practice facility — he’s either run over the bug or kicked it to the curb with a dominant first-half performance.

King James poured in a game-high 20 points on a pristine 7-of-8 shooting by the half, with no sweeter play than his total ownage of the 6-foot-1 Rozier, who was caught in the wrong place against the wrong man.

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