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LaVar Ball makes pitch for LeBron James to join Lakers next summer

In the last few weeks, LeBron James‘ long-term future with the Cleveland Cavaliers has become a major topic of conversation around the league as he could hit the free-agent market next summer.

One of the possible landing spots for his services has rumored to be the Los Angeles Lakers. With that in mind, LaVar Ball has made it clear what the Lakers could offer him if he were to join the team next summer, according to TMZ.


“If he joins the Lakers, he will finish his career as a champion.”

LaVar is quite confident that his son Lonzo Ball, who was selected with the second overall pick in this year’s draft, can lead the Lakers to a tremendous level of success. This is something that he strongly believes could intrigue the four-time league MVP to make the jump to Los Angeles next offseason.

However, there are still some personal riffs that James would likely have to get past first involving LaVar centered around their public jabbering back and forth a few months ago centered around how he’s raising his kids. This alone could create some conflict and pause with this scenario coming to fruition.

That said, there is still so much uncertainty surrounding the Lakers, who are still rebuilding coming off a fourth straight losing season. At this moment, it’s extremely hard to believe that James would leave the Cavaliers, who have been the unquestioned top team in the Eastern Conference over the last three years.

Yes, the possibility is there for James to consider, but Cleveland provides far way his best chance to win another championship for the foreseeable future.

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