Larry Sanders was supposed to be the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ savior in the paint when the team rolled the dice on him a few months ago. It was definitely a risk given Sanders’ history of personal issues, but his potential and low price made the deal seem plausible during that time.

Sanders failed to make an impact in the five games he played for Cleveland. His inability to handle responsibilities was also a huge concern for the front office — appearing late for practice, among others. As such, he was waived late in the season to make room for another defensive presence in Edy Tavares.

Fast forward to the NBA Finals and the Cavaliers are now facing a tall climb against the rampaging Golden State Warriors. His former team’s misfortune opened up a golden opportunity for Sanders to have some semblance of payback, and he did just that, albeit subtly, via Twitter.

The response from fans have mostly been negative, calling Sanders out for even thinking that his addition would have helped the Cavaliers in this match-up.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that the Cavaliers got beaten badly for two straight games, and it’s time for them to take a long look in the mirror and dig deeper in their search for answers against the Warriors.

Until they figure out a way, Sanders will have every ammo in the palm of his hands to take another shot at the team that cut him.