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Larry Sanders explains what he meant in Instagram post about Andrew Bogut

Larry Sanders Andrew Bogut

A couple days ago when the Cleveland Cavaliers opted to sign Andrew Bogut over Larry Sanders, the latter took to Instagram to post a photo of the two players with a caption “Big fish, little fish.” At the time, it was unclear whether that was a compliment or a shot at Bogut.

After seeing the reaction, Sanders responded to come critics who claimed it was a shot at Bogut, saying that it was indeed a compliment to his former mentor in Bogut, who Sanders says taught him a lot during their time in Milwaukee.

larry sanders instagram bogut explained

Instagram/ Larry Sanders

Andrew Bogut was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks back in 2005, where he played seven seasons. Larry Sanders was drafted by the Bucks in 2010, where his rookie and sophomore seasons were spent playing alongside Bogut.

The Cavs’ decision chose Bogut over Sanders was an easy one because of Bogut’s familiarity with the Warriors and how the Cavs like to play.

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