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Kyrie speaks about the Wizards reaction to LeBron fouling out

Kyrie Irving, LeBron James

Monday night’s contest between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards was quite possibly the best regular season game we’ll see all year. The Cavaliers won the contest in a 140-135 overtime thriller, even after seeing LeBron James foul out of the game just 30 seconds into the overtime period.

The play that saw LeBron foul out saw every member of the Washington Wizards erupt, claiming LeBron should be sent to the bench with his 6th. Kyrie Irving took note of their enthusiasm and took the game into his own hands, scoring eleven of the Cavaliers point in OT.

In his post game presser, Irving spoke about the play and his confidence staying at a high.

“Yeah we don’t want him to go to the bench umm but you know, I saw the Wizards bench and as well as everyone that was on the floor when LeBron got his sixth foul.

I think they kinda thought the the game was gonna take a turn, but we got some veteran players down there and we executed down the stretch and you know that’s money time right there, winning time, and you wanna be part of a game like that.”

The sigh of relief the Wizards exuded after seeing the King take his final seat seemed to spur Irving on. He made play after play on both ends of the floor, leading his Cavaliers to an important road win against a surging team.

The Cavaliers will next face the Pacers tonight in Indiana.

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