Cleveland Cavaliers starting point guard Kyrie Irving has some of the silkiest handles in the NBA. With LeBron and Kevin Love coming to town, let’s take a look at some of the young point guard’s best crossovers.

5. Kyrie Irving has Pablo Prigioni’s head spinning

With the Cavaliers up by ten with just under 3:30 to play in the third quarter, Kyrie unleashed a nasty set of moves on Pablo. Poor Prigioni, he never stood a chance. Kyrie had him running around in circles trying to keep up with him.

4. Kyrie Irving makes Steph look silly, 3 times!

Stephen A Smith’s favorite point guard had no answer to these three moves that Kyrie put on him to get open. Kyrie’s balance is truly amazing as he doesn’t only change direction faster than the blink of an eye, but he also elevates and gets to his top speed as soon as he plants that pivot foot.

3. Kyrie Irving’s Spin-o-Rama on Willie Green

Willie Green was no match for Irving, but the best part of this crossover was that Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin had no idea whether or not to slide over and help under the rim. By the time Blake realized that Kyrie was spinning towards the rim, it was already too late.

2. Kyrie sends Thabo Sefolosha to the floor

Regarded as the Thunder’s best defender, Thabo Sefolosha had never experienced anyone with handles comparable to Kyrie Irving. He fell down so hard and Kyrie makes it look so easy pulling up for an open jumper. It’s safe to say that the next time he plays Kyrie, he won’t fall down so hard.

1. Brandon Knight gets his ankles broken by Irving

Every Cavaliers fan remembers this moment. When Kyrie Irving seamlessly broke Brandon Knight’s ankles on national television and everyone saw how good the young point guard could be. Kyrie makes this crossover step back look so easy that even I could hit it. These are Kyrie Irving’s top 5 crossovers. Hope you enjoyed!