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Kyrie Irving’s emotional reaction to seeing old trophies all kept by his dad

kyrie irving

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving keeps close ties with his family, especially his father, Drederick. In fact, “Uncle Drew,” as Kyrie is known, recently surprised his dad by renovating their family home in West Orange, N.J. However, what the crafty ball-handler found inside brought him to tears.

While showing the finished changes of the home to his father on “My Houzz,” Kyrie became visibly emotional when he saw that his sister, Asia, had designed an entire room for all of their family trophies.

Via Victoria Nguyen of The Score:

“Dad, I didn’t know you were keeping all this, everything in here,” Irving said as he fought back tears.

Via The Score: Kyrie Irving emotional after seeing trophy room at father's house

Kyrie went on to explain the sacrifices that his dad, who was an aspiring professional basketball player in his own right at one point, made for his family.

“My dad gave up his dream (of playing basketball professionally) for my sister’s dreams and my dreams. He knew that from the beginning. It’s incredible to see that he has every single trophy. …

“This actually really means a lot. Just a lot of memories shared with not only my sister, but with my dad.”

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