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The three-point shot has been one of Kyrie Irving`s best friends since entering the league in 2011. With his superior confidence, it has helped him earn the moniker “Mr. 4th Quarter” and also win the league`s Three Point Shootout in the 2013 All Star Weekend. He keeps defenses honest and breaks them when given the slightest of space.

In this year`s All Star Weekend, Kyrie Irving will once again try and shoot the lights out in the Three-Point Shooting Contest. However, this challenge looks to be tougher than the previous one as he will be joining one of the best collection of sharpshooters in recent memory. Despite being a late addition to the competition, Mr. Irving will look to join the ranks of great marksmen who have won the title twice.

Here’s a look at some of Kyrie Irving’s biggest rain-makers over the years, starting with number 10:

10. The Comeback Kid (vs Oklahoma City Thunder)

Kyrie led another 4th quarter comeback by the Cavaliers and put them one step closer to victory with this clutch three-point shot.

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9. The Bank is Open (vs Atlanta Hawks)

Kyrie cashes in on a three-pointer off the glass for a classic four-point play. Degree of difficulty: Kyridiculous.

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8. The Giant Killer (vs Los Angeles Lakers)

All odds were against the lowly Cavaliers when they faced the juiced up Lakers but Kyrie was unfazed as ever nailing a clutch three to pull the Cavs further. The play occurs at the 3:07 mark of the video.

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7. Overtime (vs. Golden State Warriors)

Kyrie puts on another one of his end-game heroics to bring the game to overtime. Splashing one against half of the Splash Brothers.

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6 – The Dark Knight (vs New York Knicks)

At the 1:30 mark of the video, Kyrie dances his way from coast to coast for a clutch trey as making Jason Kidd a helpless dance partner.

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5. Goodnight LA (vs. Los Angeles Clippers)

A young Kyrie Irving stepping up against Chris Paul and nailing the game winner over the lengthy Deandre Jordan.

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4. Houdini Three (vs. Atlanta Hawks)

If three pointers were scored the way dunk contests are, based on the degree of difficulty and flair, then this shot deserves a 10.

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3. Mr. 4th Quarter (vs. Oklahoma City Thunder)

Kyrie carried the Cavs on his back and took on the whole Thunder team in the 4th Quarter of a Cleveland upset over Oklahoma City. Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka never knew what hit them.


2. The Dagger (vs. Toronto Raptors)

Kyrie measures his defender and pulls up for a cold blooded three right in the heart of the Raptors and their crowd. Colder than the cold north.

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1. The Record Setter (vs. Portland Trail Blazers)

Kyrie`s final three-pointer that night was not just a game winner. It capped off a historic and career night for Irving that saw him finish with 55 points, a Cavalier’s home record. It also broke the Cavalier record for most threes in a game with 11 previously held by C.J. Miles (10).

Here’s the live broadcast of the shot:

And here’s a fan view of the game-winning jumper: