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Kyrie Irving Top 10 Career Highlights

3. Game Winning shot #2 – January 29th 2012, as the 4th quarter rolls on against the Boston Celtics, it seems as though Cleveland might be down for the count. With 4:18 minutes left in the game the Cavaliers faced a 13-point deficit. Kyrie completely changed the pace of the game, leading the Cavs to a 12-0 run. I’m sure the Celtics didn’t expect to be shutout in the final 4 minutes of the game, but here they were only beating the Cavs by 1 point. Cleveland had brought it to within 1 point with under a minute left in the game. With 2 tenacious defensive stops, 3 offensive rebounds and 1 magical Kyrie Irving, the Cavs pulled off the miracle:

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