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Kyrie Irving studies Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant replays

Kyrie Irving

If you are a basketball player or fan, there is a good chance that you’ve studied the moves of your favorite ballplayer. Maybe you practice Allen Iverson‘s cross-over or Dirk Nowitzki‘s famous step-back shot. In Kyrie Irving‘s case, it’s Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Most coaches, players, and analysts consider Irving’s handles to be the best in the NBA. “Uncle Drew,” as Irving is known amongst his fans and followers, is a true student of the game.

In his recent article with The Players’ Tribune, Cavaliers forward Channing Frye states that Irving can often be seen watching old highlight videos of Jordan and Kobe on his iPad.

“With Kyrie, it’s rare to find a guy that young who’s an old soul and a meticulous student of the game, who runs old Jordan and Kobe replays on his iPad in order to pick up some of their little moves,” Frye wrote in his article. “Something I’ve come to really admire about Kyrie is that he’s always computing out there — he’s logging everything that happens, and since nobody can guard him, that’s scary to think about. Listen, he’s a young guy who is gonna have ups and downs, and we often forget how young he is. But my respect for him has grown astronomically this season, and no, that’s not a word-play on the whole ‘flat earth’ thing.”

A lot of us grew up watching and emulating Jordan and Kobe on the court. It seems Irving, a former No. 1 overall selection in the 2011 NBA Draft and four-time All-Star, was no different.

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