When Kyrie Irving re-signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers two years ago, the person right beside him when he placed his signature on the dotted line was none other than his father, Drederick Irving.

Losing his mother at an early age made the bond between father and son extra special and tighter. Drederick has been Kyrie’s mentor back then and up until now.

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That’s why it comes as no surprise, for those aware of the unique closeness between the Irvings, when the Cavaliers point guard decided to give his 2016 championship ring to his father, per Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon.

“I’m excited to give my dad the ring and really gift it to him, and now it will be time to turn over a new leaf on a new season.”

“I give my dad almost everything. So, every accomplishment, every MVP award, every trophy that I’ve had since I was probably about 13 or 12, I’ve given to my dad.”

Such a selfless act from Kyrie Irving, and if anything, the decision could possibly add more motivation to win another ring for him, or for another person.