During a red carpet walk of Sports Illustrated’s Fashionable 50, an event that determines the 50 most stylish athletes in all sports, Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala felt the need to call out Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving for not returning a text message.

“I texted Kyrie the other day,” Iguodala said of Irving during their red carpet appearance. “He big-timed me.”

“No no,” Irving replied with a smile. “I really had no idea to believe if that was you number or not. I wanted to see you in person. Is that your number, Andre Iguodala?”

As it turns out, Irving and Iguodala have similar business interests, as both are invested in the same company. “Iggy,” as Iguodala is commonly known, couldn’t help but smile as Irving jokingly drilled him for an answer.

“So I found out that we invest in the same company,” Iguodala said in hopes of changing the conversation topic. “So I like this guy.”

Irving felt the need to clear the air when asked if he gave Iguodala the ‘I got a new phone, who’s this?’ treatment.

“No no, I did not,” Irving said with a more serious tone. “I said when I see Iggy, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna see you at H.B.’s (Harrison Barnes) wedding, or now I see him here. So now I know that this is confirmation that it’s his number — We’re all good.”


As for where the two athletes finished on SI’s Fashionable 50 list, Iguodala came in at No. 9, while Irving was given the “Attention to Detail” award. Despite facing one another for the past three years in the NBA Finals, it seems Irving and Iguodala still have a friendly relationship.