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Kyrie Irving Could Be The Most Clutch Player Of The Millennium

It was the shot heard around the world, as Kyrie Irving rocked Steph Curry to sleep before raising up and nailing the three that gave the Cavaliers their first professional sports championship in 52 long years. With the biggest shot of his life, Irving may have also drained the most clutch shot in NBA history.

Irving may only be 24-years old, but how many players would you take over Irving when the game on the line and the clock winding down? Chances are not many, and the numbers says Irving may in fact be the most clutch player of the millennium.

Irving’s mentor has been NBA legend Kobe Bryant for a long time now. Bryant was renowned for his big time plays in the clutch, and no doubt Irving shares that same killer instinct, assassin’s mentality.

Since his heroics in game seven of the NBA finals, Irving has been as clutch as ever this season as well. He continued to the Warriors nightmare on Christmas Day, sinking the game winner on Klay Thompson, and sealed the deal with a three against the Washington Wizards on the road in overtime in one of the games of the season.


Irving continues to flourish in the big moments, and his stats in the clutch are extraordinary.

It’s scary to imagine how good the one-time Duke man can become. His baseline drive and finish over Al Horford last night in the clutch was breath taking, and these are the sorts of plays we have become accustomed to seeing from him. The sky is the limit for Uncle Drew, who continues to go from strength to strength.

One thing is for sure, when games in on the line you want the ball in Irving’s hands. He could be the most clutch player of the millennium.

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