Kyrie Irving is an NBA Champion, and after a long season full of ups and downs and a recovery from a serious injury, Irving’s work ethic paid off with big-time performances in the NBA Finals.

However, controversy just couldn’t seem to escape him, and after winning the title, rumors spread about a particular yacht party that angered a lot of fans due to the lack of black women at the event. Rumors even claimed that Irving only wanted white women on the boat, which proved to be wrong as some photos and Snapchat videos showed multiple races on the boat.

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For one, it doesn’t even matter what Irving wanted. He’s an NBA Champion, and he can party the way he wants to party because he earned it. Irving has been shutting outside criticism down all year, but this was something that he couldn’t let pass without at least addressing.

Via Kyrie Irving on Facebook

I’d never think I would have to address something as ridiculous as a yacht party, but I wasn’t raised to discriminate against any race let alone any race of women, especially my own. I was raised by the black women in my family and for me to be connected to some nonsense like a “No black girls allowed” party is embarrassing and an inaccurate portrayal of who and what I represent as man. I wasn’t going to even address any of this because there are literally a million things going on in the world right now that are far more important, rather than people trying to bring question to my character. I would like to apologize to anyone if they were offended initially without knowing any of what actually happened, but that story has no truth to it and I wanted to clear the air on all of this B.S. And for those who know me, I’m sorry you all had to answer questions about a story as ridiculous as something like this. But now, I would like to continue celebrating this championship. Thank you.

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For those of you who actually cared about something like this after Irving helped end Cleveland’s 52-year championship drought, there’s your answer.