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Kyrie Irving admits science supports a round earth

Kyrie Irving Draymond Support Earth Flat

Cavaliers’ superstar point guard Kyrie Irving had us all fooled. After adamantly claiming the earth is flat, Irving has since cleared up his statements and made an intelligent and valid point about the state of news today. Initially, Irving received a lot of negative backlash for his comments, but has recently stated his claims were actually a political statement via Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com.

“It would be scientifically impossible, which I’m totally aware of that,” Irving said.

“I just feel like the fact that it’s even a conversation is hilarious,” he said. “That that could actually be news. It’s hilarious.”

The claim came when Irving shared a podcast with teammates Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and sideline reporter Allie Clifton.

As you could imagine, the Twitter world went into a frenzy, and it was exactly what Irving was expecting.

“There’s just so many real things going on, things that are going on that’s changing the shape of our lives,” Irving said. “I think sometimes it gets skewed because of who we are in the basketball world. ‘Oh man, what does he actually think? I don’t like Kyrie Irving because he thinks that the world is flat, or he thinks that the world can’t be wrong.’

“I know the science … The fact that that can be real news and people are actually asking me that. It’s a social phenomenon, what do you think about it? Are you going to try and protect your image? No, it doesn’t matter.”

Irving was correct in the point he was trying to make. Out of the entire podcast, all anyone was focused on was what Irving said, and his highlighting of the state of the news in today’s world was spot on.

Even teammates LeBron James has no problem with it.

“Kyrie is my little brother,” James said. “He’s my All-Star point guard, superstar point guard, and if he decides he wants to say the Earth is flat then so be it. He’s an interesting guy, man. He believes it.”

It matters very little to Irving, as the Cavs continue to lead the east and Uncle Drew continues to ball out.




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