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Lakers' Legend Kobe Bryant's thoughts on LeBron James resting

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After the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to rest Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and LeBron James in a nationally televised game against the Los Angeles Clippers on March 18, the topic of teams resting their players became a hot button issue around the league. Adam Silver sent out a league-wide memo notifying team owners about the issue and players of all levels weighed in as well. But since the discussion grew more intense when James rested, the Cavaliers superstar believes that there’s only an issue because he sat out a game.

Whether or not James is right, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant at least believes that the Cavs All-Star’s right to rest shouldn’t be questioned.

Bryant expressed this view on ESPN’s First Take on Monday, noting that since James has played in the Finals last six NBA Finals, the Cavs star deserves to rest a game from time to time.

“When you miss a game, there is that one kid out there that’s not going to see his favorite player play,” Bryant said. “Now that being said, LeBron has done so much for the game. He’s earned the opportunity to be able to take a rest. He’s earned that. We can disagree with it. We feel absolutely terrible for the kids that come to watch him perform but at the same time, this man has been to a Finals pretty much every year since as long as I can remember. He’s done so much to elevate the game, so he’s earned the right for us to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Bryant sentiments echo what James has said in the past as well. James believes – and science has proved this – that since he’s had six straight seasons that have extended into June, it does his body good to get some rest and recovery during the season. Of course, as Bryant points out, when James sits, fans suffer. But as of now, there is nothing that can really be done about this issue.

Until the league makes a big change to the regular season schedule, star players resting will continue to be an issue. Next year should be different though as the amount of back to backs will be lessened since there will be fewer preseason games and the season will be extended by a week. But despite these changes, James will likely still rest for a few games next season, a move that as Bryant makes quite clear, the Cavs star is in his right to do. Unfortunately, it’s something fans will have to deal with as James is focused on staying healthy so he can keep winning championships.

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