Many thought Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Tristan Thompson and Hollywood celebrity Khloe Kardashian had split due to reports that surfaced late last month, but the two are very much still in each other’s lives.

Amidst separation rumors, Khloe dispelled these by flying to Ohio in order to spend Thanksgiving with the Canadian big man, but after speculation it could have been purely a hook-up with her ex, Khloe’s latest tweet suggests the two of them are still a happy item.

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The Cavaliers defeated the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday in which Thompson had a quiet night of six points and six rebounds, and linked up with the famous Kardashian sister post-game.

Thompson and Khloe are standing in the photo hugging, whilst wearing matching outfits and Thompson kissing her on head, sporting what looks like his championship ring as well.

Many Cavalier and NBA fans alike didn’t warm up to the idea of Thompson being with a Kardashian sister given the Kardashian’s past dating history, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting his court effectiveness. He’s averaging 6.6 points, 10 rebounds, and blocking 1.2 shots per contest while shooting 58% from the field.

Things look like they’re going well for the Cavs big man right now. A famous girlfriend to go along with the top seed in the Eastern Conference isn’t too shabby.