The St. Nicholas Kardashian family was especially generous this holiday season with Tristan Thompson after he was smothered with gifts from girlfriend Khloe and her mother, Kris Jenner.

Jenner gave Thompson an unreleased Louis Vuitton bag along with a very expensive cigar ashtray. Khloe commented that her mother has already fallen for him, and she’s thoroughly shown her gratitude with the gifts.


But the creme de la creme was a rose gold nautilus watch by Patek Philippe, which usually runs around $85,000. A jeweler familiar with the watch told TMZ Sports, “Yeah, s**t ain’t a game.”

Thompson has clearly gained more than just Khloe’s affection, but the whole family, and with gifts like this to back it up, it’s a sure-fire thing to say, he’s likely to be in it for the long run.