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Key Underdogs For NBA Playoff Teams

Ronald Martinez | Getty Images

6th seed – San Antonio Spurs, Boris Diaw

It’s very tough to choose one player from the Spurs because of the way they play the game – moving the ball around and always looking for the better shot. But one of the more able catalysts of the well-oiled machine that is San Antonio is Boris Diaw. We have witnessed from last year’s finals how he quietly dominated stretches of the game with his size that creates a lot of mismatches coupled with his skills. Diaw is an excellent and willing passer who perfectly fits into what the Spurs run that he even ends up being the one who gets more isolations than his other teammates because Pop knows that he will look to move the ball first and get his peers involved. His numbers don’t matter because the way he impacts the game does not show up in the stat sheet.

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