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Key Underdogs For NBA Playoff Teams

Jerome Miron | USA TODAY Sports

7th seed – Dallas Mavericks, Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler is Dallas’ lone dependable anchor in the middle even with the presence of Amar’e Stoudemire who’s already a bit fragile nowadays. Not only he is gifted with the length and athleticism to change shots down the paint, Chandler is also a very intelligent basketball player. His true value are not the numbers that show up in the stat sheet but it is his immense basketball IQ. He understands the offense very well that he even directs his teammates and sets the right screens for the offense to move freely. Same goes on the defensive end as the former Defensive Player of the Year does not get lost on his assignment and is well aware of how things would turn out to maintain the Mavericks’ defensive rotation. Dirk Nowitzki even alluded to Chandler as the most intelligent player he’s ever played with.

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