You’d think that the start of the new NBA season would see the decline of 3-1 blown lead jokes against the Warriors, but you’d be sadly mistaken. Kevin Love and the Banana Republic clothing line have one more troll up their sleeves.

On Monday, the high end fashion brand made the Cavaliers power forward the center of the subtle jab. They took to their Instagram account showcasing Love modelling the new “3-in-1 parka.” Yes, out of all the models that work for the agency they chose the man that pulled down 14 rebounds in Game 7 of the NBA Finals and helped the Cavs overcome a 3-1 deficit to make NBA history.

@kevinlove in the 3-in-1 parka. Black, silver or both. Water-resistant. All-in-one. #BRxKevinLove #BRMens

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The 3-1 lead jokes clearly haven’t died. Less than a month ago, LeBron James’ Halloween party trolled the Warriors.

If you thought the jokes would be over by now, think again. Love and Banana Republic aren’t ready to let them die just yet.