Cavs fans are excited to hear that Kevin Love has been hard at work trying to return to the court. David Blatt said that Love may even be a full participant in practice on Saturday, and could, in turn, be ready for the start of the season. Love talked about his status for the opener on Friday:

“I feel pretty good,” Love said. “As far as the opener goes, I am not completely sure. I’ll probably get with the doctors and see what they have to say. I know that my six-month post-op is coming up here pretty fast. As far as getting the strength back, getting the range of motion, I feel pretty good, so I am looking forward to getting into some more contact, getting into a rhythm and getting out there as quickly as I can.”

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Love was injured back in late April during the first round of the NBA playoffs. He had the shoulder surgery almost immediately after he would it was announced that he was out for the remainder of the playoffs and was given a timetable of four-to-six months. The end of Augusts marked the four month mark, and the end of October, when the season starts, marks t he six month mark, but Love isn’t guaranteeing a return because of the timetable.

“(Six months is) just a ballpark figure that has generally been thrown out there by anybody who has talked about the rehab process for this kind of an injury,” Love said. “I like to think that I am ahead of the game, but there’s different tests and the due diligence that the doctor will go through and the training staff will go through. So all I can do is go out there every day and attack my rehab and hopefully I will be able to go out there and help these guys as soon as possible.”

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Back during the Cavs Media Day, coach Blatt and LeBron James both said that Cleveland will be using Love differently and more effectively this season, especially with Kyrie Irving likely not ready for the start of the season. After all, the Cavs had better make the best use of a player earning $113 million over five years. Love was asked whether the increased role will be one that he will develop over time or one that starts right away.

“I think a little bit of both. I think when I really jump back into things and I am cleared for full contact and I get out there 5-on-5, maybe get into some preseason games, I don’t know, then I will start thinking about that stuff, and really see where I fit into things and how I can help this team right away. When we get all of our guys back, everybody gets to full strength, we’re off and running.”