The Block, The Shot, The Stop. Every Cavs fan has heard the phrase already and it will probably never be forgotten in Cleveland’s sports history. In the midst of the great play from the Cavs Big Three was the horrific shooting display in the fourth quarter for unanimous MVP Stephen Curry. He went 1-6 in the quarter, and missed his final five shots which included three three-pointers that could have been huge for Golden State.

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Thus, after his terrible play, many, including us, mocked and took shots at the NBA’s so-called most clutch player. Late last week, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) announced the winners of the Player’s Choice Awards, with one of them being the “Toughest Player To Guard” award. Well, one guy doesn’t seem to think so.

Kevin Love’s recent Twitter like seems to show exactly how he feels about Curry winning award.

Kevin love Trolls Steph Curry 1

Kevin love Trolls Steph Curry 2

If you check out Love’s Twitter, you’ll see that he’s not into it too much, but there’s no denying he liked a photo that mocked Curry winning the award. It’s even better since Love was the one who got the stop on Curry late in the fourth quarter of Game 7 .