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Kevin Love takes to Twitter for snot-rocket response

Kevin Love Snot Video

Have you ever witnessed something, then quickly wished you hadn’t?

On Wednesday night, the NBA’s defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers squared off against the New York Knicks inside Madison Square Garden. The Cavs went on to defeat the Knicks in convincing 126-94 fashion.

In the first quarter of Wednesday’s game, Cavs forward Kevin Love seemed to be dealing with a bit of sinus pressure. So, what does Love do? He blows what may be the biggest snot-rocket in NBA history.

After catching quite a bit of flak for his on-court sinus issues, a cheeky Love took to Twitter for a response. With a bit of word-play, Love wrote: “sNot funny guys.”

We love you, K-Love. Never change, and always stay true to who you are. Maybe just wait for a tissue next time you have this issue.

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