By now, most of the NBA-loving universe has heard the news about Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving. According to a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the crafty ball-handler requested a trade in a meeting with team owner Dan Gilbert last week.

Since Windy’s story broke, reactions to the news of Irving’s plea have been flooding all forms of social media websites. InsideHoops took a moment to ask Cavs power forward Kevin Love “how he’s feeling” about the situation. Not to be out-witted, the smooth-shooting forward gave an Uncle Drew-related reply, saying: “Life is amazing. No complaints. Things are a little peculiar. But no complaints. Now go kick some rocks.”

By the look of his tweet, it sounds like Love simply isn’t trying to hear any of the chatter. Love’s use of the word ‘peculiar’ is especially funny because of the statement Irving made earlier this week in a Sports Illustrated interview about the state of the Cavs being ‘peculiar.’

While it’s true a meeting did take place, whether or not Irving will be traded can only be speculated on at this point. As one of the Cavs’ core rotational pieces, there is no doubt he is (and has been) extremely important to their success.